About ARTA – Artisans of Tales


“Artisans of Tales” rises from the will expressed by four friend schools from three different Countries (from Italy, Malta and Spain) to collaborate together at international level to give to their institutes better chances of sharing, innovation and joint participarion.

The present proposal rises from several confrontations happened among the partners, that highlighted how the School is now living on two major needs: on one side the need to be more captivating and innovative to attract the youngsters, leaving behind the techniques of the traditional didactics to innovate its educational paths, on the other hand it needs to respond to the growing lost of identitity that affects young people, lost between the wide world of the web and communities affected by lost of cohesion.

Starting from this point the schools involved, created this proposal trying to put together the two needs mentioned above, setting up an experimental educational path on the field of the recovery of local identities, meaning with them the immaterial heritage of the communities, testing next to the traditional anthropological research, the format of the “Narratori di Comunità”, that has a growing success in Italy in the recovery of local traditions.

The proposal regards activities lasting 24 months, from 02/10/2017 to 01/10/2019, and involving directly 48 students from two age groups, 12-13 and 15-16 years old, and 12 members of the staffs.